Revelation 18:1

Coming down out of heaven (katabainonta ek tou ouranou). Present active predicate participle. Not the angel of Micah 17:1 Micah 17:7 Micah 17:15 (John's guide), but one announcing the doom of Babylon (Rome). As in Micah 10:1 ; Micah 20:1 . Was lightened (epwtisqh). First aorist passive of pwtizw, old causative verb (from pw, light), common in N.T. as in Revelation 18:1 ; Revelation 21:23 ; Revelation 22:5 . With his glory (ek th doxh autou). "By reason of (ek as in Revelation 8:13 ; Revelation 16:10 ) his glory." "So recently has he come from the Presence that in passing he flings a broad belt of light across the dark earth" (Swete).