Revelation 18:14

The fruits (h opwra). The ripe autumn fruit ( Jeremiah 40:10 Jeremiah 40:12 ). Here only in N.T. Of uncertain etymology (possibly opo, sap, wra, hour, time for juicy sap). See Jude 1:12 for dendra pqinopwrino (autumn trees). Which thy soul lusteth after (sou th epiqumia th psuch). "Of the lusting of thy soul." Are gone from thee (aphlqen apo sou). Prophetic aorist active indicative of apercomai with repetition of apo. All things that were dainty and sumptuous (panta ta lipara kai ta lampra). "All the dainty and the gorgeous things." Liparo is from lipo (grease) and so fat, about food (here only in N.T.), while lampro is bright and shining ( James 2:2 ), about clothing. Are perished from thee (apwleto apo sou). Prophetic second aorist middle indicative of apollumi (intransitive). Shall find them no more at all (ouketi ou mh auta eurhsousin). Doubled double negative with future active, as emphatic a negation as the Greek can make.