Revelation 18:4

Come forth, my people, out of her (exelqate, o lao mou, ex auth). Second aorist (urgency) active imperative (-a form) of exercomai. Like Isaiah 48:20 ; Isaiah 52:11 ; Jeremiah 50:8 ; Jeremiah 51:6 , (about Babylon). See also the call of Abram ( Genesis 12:1 ). the rescue of Lot ( Genesis 19:12 ). In the N.T. see Mark 13:4 ; 2 Corinthians 6:14 ; Ephesians 5:11 ; 1 Timothy 5:11 . Ho lao is vocative with the form of the nominative. That ye have no fellowship with her sins (ina mh sunkoinwnhshte tai amartai auth). Purpose clause with ina mh and the first aorist active subjunctive of sunkoinwnew, old compound (sun, together, koinwno, partner), in N.T. only here, Philippians 4:14 ; Ephesians 5:11 . With associative instrumental case amartiai. And that ye receive not of her plagues (kai ek twn plhgwn auth ina mh labhte). Another purpose clause dependent on the preceding, with ina mh and the second aorist active subjunctive of lambanw, and with proleptic emphatic position of ek twn plhgwn auth before ina mh.