Revelation 18:8

Therefore (dia touto). Because of her presumption added to her crimes. In one day (en miai hmerai). Symbolical term for suddenness like miai wrai, in one hour ( Mark 18:10 Mark 18:16 Mark 18:19 ). John has in mind still Isaiah 47:7-9 . Shall come (hxousin). Future active of hkw. Her plagues are named (death, mourning, famine). She shall be utterly burned (katakauqhsetai). Future passive of katakaiw (perfective use of kata). With fire (en puri). "In fire," as in Isaiah 17:16 . Which judged her (o krina authn). Articular first aorist active participle of krinw referring to kurio o qeo (the Lord God). The doom of Babylon is certain because of the power of God.