Revelation 18:7

How much soever (osa). Indefinite quantitative relative pronoun oso in the accusative (cognate) neuter plural object of edoxasen (first aorist active indicative of doxazw). Herself (authn). Reflexive pronoun, accusative also with edoxasen. Waxed wanton (estrhniasen). First aorist (ingressive) active indicative of strhniaw (to live luxuriously), verb in late comedy instead of trupaw ( James 5:5 ), from strhno ( Revelation 18:3 ), only here in N.T. So much give her of torment and mourning (tosouton dote auth basanismon kai penqo). Second aorist active imperative of didwmi, to give. The correlative pronoun tosouton is masculine singular accusative, agreeing with basanismon, for which see Revelation 9:5 ; Revelation 14:11 , and is understood with the neuter word penqo (mourning), in N.T. only in James 4:9 ; Revelation 18:7 ; Revelation 21:4 (kin to paqo, penomai). I sit a queen (kaqhmai basilissa). Predicate nominative for the old form basileia (basili), as in Matthew 12:42 . Babylon and Tyre had preceded Rome in such boasting ( Isaiah 47:7-9 ; Ezekiel 27:3 ; Ezekiel 28:2 ; Zephaniah 2:15 ). And am no widow (kai chra ouk eimi). Feminine of the adjective chro (barren), old word ( Mark 12:40 ). Shall in no wise see mourning (penqo ou mh idw). Confident boast of security with emphatic position of penqo (see above) and double negative ou mh with the second aorist active subjunctive of oraw (defective verb).