Revelation 2:11

Shall not be hurt (ou mh adikhqh). Strong double negative with first aorist passive subjunctive of adikew, old verb, to act unjustly (from adiko - adikos), here to do harm or wrong to one, old usage as in Revelation 6:6 ; Revelation 7:2 ; Revelation 9:4 ; Revelation 9:10 ; Revelation 11:5 . Of the second death (ek tou qanatou tou deuterou). Ek here used for the agent or instrument as often (Revelation 3:18 ; Revelation 9:2 ; Revelation 18:1). See Revelation 20:6; Revelation 20:14 ; Revelation 21:8 where "the second death" is explained as "the lake of fire." The idea is present in Daniel 12:3 ; John 5:29 and is current in Jewish circles as in the Jerusalem Targum on Deuteronomy 33:6 and in Philo. It is not annihilation. The Christians put to death in the persecution will at least escape this second death (eternal punishment).