Revelation 2:21

I gave her time (edwka auth cronon). First aorist active indicative of didwmi, allusion to a definite visit or message of warning to this woman. That she should repent (ina metanohsh). Sub-final use of ina with first aorist active subjunctive of metanoew. And she willeth not (kai ou qelei). "And she is not willing." Blunt and final like Matthew 23:37 . To repent of (metanohsai ek). First aorist (ingressive) active infinitive with ek, "to make a change out of," the usual construction with metanoew in this book ( Matthew 2:22 ; Matthew 9:20 ; Matthew 16:11 ), with apo in Acts 8:22 . Porneia (fornication) here, but moiceuw (to commit adultery) in verse Acts 22 .