Revelation 2:22

I do cast (ballw). Futuristic present active indicative rather than the future balw, since judgment is imminent. Into a bed (ei klinhn). "A bed of sickness in contrast with the bed of adultery" (Beckwith). Them that commit adultery with her (tou moiceuonta met auth). Present active articular participle accusative plural of moiceuw. The actual paramours of the woman Jezebel, guilty of both porneia (fornication, verse Acts 21 ) and moiceia (adultery), works of Jezebel of old and of this Jezebel. There may be also an allusion to the spiritual adultery ( 2 Corinthians 11:2 ) towards God and Christ as of old ( Jeremiah 3:8 ; Jeremiah 5:7 ; Ezekiel 16:22 ). Except they repent (ean mh metanohsousin). Condition of first class with ean mh and the future active indicative of metanoew, put in this vivid form rather than the aorist subjunctive (-wsin) third-class condition. Of her works (ek twn ergwn auth). Auth (her) correct rather than autwn (their). Jezebel was chiefly responsible.