Revelation 2:25

Howbeit (plhn). Common after ouk allo as a preposition with the ablative ( Mark 12:32 ), but here a conjunction as in Philippians 1:18 . Hold fast (krathsate). First aorist active imperative of kratew, either ingressive (get a grip on) or constative (hold on as a single decisive effort). See present imperative kratei in Philippians 3:11 (keep on holding). Till I come (acri ou an hxw). Indefinite temporal clause with acri ou (until which time) with modal an and either the future active indicative or the first aorist active subjunctive of hkw (usual idiom with acri in Revelation as in Philippians 7:3 ; Philippians 15:8 ; Philippians 20:3 Philippians 20:5 ).