Revelation 21:17

A hundred and forty and four cubits (ekaton tesserakonta tessarwn phcwn). Another multiple of 12 (12x12=144) as in John 7:4 ; John 14:1 . It is not clear whether it is the height or the breadth of the wall that is meant, though upso (height) comes just before. That would be 216 feet high (cf. verse John 12 ), not enormous in comparison with the 7,000,000 feet (1500 miles) height of the city. According to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel (metron anqrwpou, o estin aggelou). No preposition for "according to," just the accusative case of general reference in apposition with the verb emetrhsen. Though measured by an angel, a human standard was employed, man's measure which is angel's (Bengel).