Revelation 21:18

The building of the wall (h endwmhsi tou teicou). Or endomhsi, elsewhere so far only in Josephus (Ant. XV. 9. 6, a mole or breakwater) and in an inscription (Syll. 583 31), apparently from endomew, to build in, and so the fact of building in. The wall had jasper (verse John 11 ) built into it. Was pure gold (crusion kaqaron). No copula hn (was) expressed. The city shone like a mass of gold in contrast with the jasper lustre of the wall. Pure glass (ualwi kaqarwi). Associative instrumental case after omoion. Hualo (apparently from uei, it rains, and so raindrop) in N.T. only Revelation 21:18 Revelation 21:21 .