Revelation 21:21

Twelve pearls (dwdeka margaritai). These gate towers (pulwne) were mentioned in verses Exodus 12 . Each of these (cf. Isaiah 54:12 ) is a pearl, one of the commonest of jewels ( Matthew 7:6 ; Matthew 13:46 ; 1 Timothy 2:9 ). Each one (ana ei ekasto). Distributive use of ana, but with the nominative (used as adverb, not preposition) rather than the accusative (as a preposition) as appears also in Mark 14:19 ; John 8:9 ; with kata in Romans 12:5 , "a barbaric construction" according to Charles. Street (plateia). For which word (broad way, odo understood) see Matthew 6:5 , here the singular, but includes all the streets. Transparent (diaugh). Old word (from dia, through, augh, ray, shining through), here alone in N.T.