Revelation 21:2

The holy city, new Jerusalem (thn polin thn agian Ierousalhm kainhn). "The New Earth must have a new metropolis, not another Babylon, but another and greater Jerusalem" (Swete), and not the old Jerusalem which was destroyed A.D. 70. It was called the Holy City in a conventional way ( Matthew 4:5 ; Matthew 27:53 ), but now in reality because it is new and fresh (kainhn), this heavenly Jerusalem of hope ( Hebrews 12:22 ), this Jerusalem above ( Galatians 4:26 ) where our real citizenship is ( Philippians 3:20 ). Coming down out of heaven from God (katabainousan ek tou ouranou apo tou qeou). Glorious picture caught by John and repeated from Philippians 3:12 and again in Philippians 21:10 . But Charles distinguishes this new city of God from that in Philippians 21:9-22:2 because there is no tree of life in this one. But one shrinks from too much manipulation of this symbolism. It is better to see the glorious picture with John and let it tell its own story. Made ready (htoimasmenhn). Perfect passive participle of etoimazw as in Philippians 19:7 . The Wife of the Lamb made herself ready in her bridal attire. As a bride adorned (w numphn kekosmhmenhn). Perfect passive participle of kosmew, old verb (from kosmo ornament like our cosmetics), as in Philippians 21:19 . Only here the figure of bride is not the people of God as in Philippians 19:7 , but the abode of the people of God (the New Jerusalem). For her husband (twi andri auth). Dative case of personal interest.