Revelation 22:15

Without (exw). Outside the holy city, with which compare Luke 21:8 Luke 21:27 . Dustierdieck supplies an imperative: "Out, ye dogs." The dogs (oi kune). Not literal dogs, but the morally impure ( Deuteronomy 23:18 ; 2 Kings 8:13 ; Psalms 22:17 Psalms 22:21 ; Matthew 7:6 ; Mark 7:27 ; Philippians 3:3 ). Dogs in the Oriental cities are the scavengers and excite unspeakable contempt. The sorcerers (oi parmakoi). As in Philippians 21:8 , where are listed "the fornicators and the murderers and the idolaters," all "outside" the holy city here as there "in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, the second death." Both are pictures (symbolic language) of hell, the eternal absence from fellowship with God. Another time Jesus spoke of "the outer darkness" (ei to skoto to exwteron, Matthew 8:12 ; Matthew 22:13 ; Matthew 25:30 ), outside of lighted house, as the abode of the damned. Another symbol is the worm that dies not ( Mark 9:48 ). Every one that loveth and maketh a lie (pa pilwn kai poiwn pseudo). An interpretation of pasin toi pseudesin (all liars) of Mark 21:8 and of poiwn pseudo (doing a lie) of Mark 21:27 . Satan is the father of lying ( John 8:44 ) and Satan's home is a congenial place for those who love and practise lying ( 2 Thessalonians 2:12 ). See 1 John 1:6 for not doing the truth and see also Romans 1:25 ; Ephesians 4:25 .