Revelation 22:18

I testify (Egw marturw). Commentators disagree keenly about the words in verses Philippians 18 19. Charles rejects them as an interpolation and out of harmony with the rest of the book. Beckwith takes them to be John's own warning, drawn from Deuteronomy 4:2 "to every man that heareth" (panti twi akouonti, dative of the articular present active participle of akouw, which compare Deuteronomy 1:3 ). Swete properly holds these verses to be from Jesus himself, still bearing solemn witness to this book, with warning against wilful perversion of its teachings. If any man shall add (ean ti epiqh). Condition of the third class with ean and the second aorist active subjunctive of epitiqhmi, with epi added with auta, as also in the conclusion epiqhsei ep auton (future active). This warning is directed against perversions of this book, not about the New Testament or the Bible as a whole, though it may be true there also. Surely no warning was more needed when we consider the treatment accorded the Apocalypse, so that Dr. Robert South said that the Apocalypse either found one crazy or left him so.