Revelation 4:5

Out of the throne (ek tou qronou). Back to the throne itself. The imagery is kin to that in Exodus 19:16 ; Exodus 24:9 ; Ezekiel 1:22 Ezekiel 1:27 . Proceed (ekporeuontai). Graphic historical present. Lightnings and voices and thunders (astrapai kai pwnai kai brontai). So exactly in Ezekiel 11:19 ; Ezekiel 16:18 , but in Ezekiel 8:5 with brontai first, astrapai last, all old and common words. "The thunderstorm is in Hebrew poetry a familiar symbol of the Divine power: cf., e.g., 1 Samuel 2:10 ; Psalms 18:9 ; Job 37:4 ." (Swete). Seven lamps of fire (epta lampade puro). Return to the nominative (idou, not eidon) with hsan (were) understood. Metaphor drawn from Ezekiel 1:13 ; Zechariah 4:12 . Our word "lamp," but here a torch as in Revelation 8:10 , identified with the Holy Spirit (the Seven Spirits of God) as in Revelation 1:4 ; Revelation 3:1 , not lucniai (lampstands) as in Rev 1:12 Rev 1:20 , nor lucno a hand-lamp with oil ( Matthew 5:15 ). "These torches blaze perpetually before the throne of God" (Swete).