Revelation 5:2

A strong angel (aggelon iscuron). One needed ( Revelation 10:1 ; Revelation 18:21 ) "whose call could reach to the farthest limits of the universe" (Beckwith) and so "with a great voice" (en pwnh megalh, in a great voice, as in Revelation 14:7 Revelation 14:9 Revelation 14:15 , and without en Revelation 5:12 ; Revelation 6:10 ; Revelation 7:2 Revelation 7:10 ; Revelation 8:13 ; Revelation 10:3 , etc.). See en iscurai pwnh ( Revelation 18:2 ). Proclaiming (khrussonta). Present active predicate participle of khrussw, to herald, to preach. Worthy to open and to loose (axio anoixai kai lusai). Worthy by rank and character (cf. John 1:27 ) as well as by ability (edunato, verse Revelation 5:3 ), followed by two infinitives (first aorist active) of anoigw and luw, though ina and the subjunctive can be used after axio as in John 1:27 . Here axio is like ikano (capable, qualified) as in Matthew 8:8 . The articles here (to, ta) refer to the book and the seals in verse Revelation 5:1 . It is a husteron-proteron, since the loosing of the seals precedes the opening of the book.