Revelation 6:11

A white robe (stolh leukh). Old word from stellw, to equip, an equipment in clothes, a flowing robe ( Mark 12:38 ). For the white robe for martyrs see Revelation 3:4 ; Revelation 4:4 ; Rev 7:9 Rev 7:13 ; Revelation 19:14 . That they should rest (ina anapausontai). Sub-final clause with ina and the future indicative (as in Revelation 3:9 ; Revelation 6:4 ) middle rather than the aorist middle subjunctive anapauswntai of Aleph C. Yet for a little time (eti cronon mikron). Accusative of extension of time as in Revelation 20:3 . Perhaps rest from their cry for vengeance and also rest in peace ( Revelation 14:13 ). For the verb anapauw see on "Mt 11:28". Until should be fulfilled (ew plhrwqwsin). Future indefinite temporal clause with ew and the first aorist passive subjunctive of plhrow, to fill full ( Matthew 23:32 ; Colossians 2:10 ), "until be filled full" (the number of), regular Greek idiom. Which should be killed (oi mellonte apoktennesqai). Regular construction of articular present active participle of mellw (about to be, going to be) with the present passive infinitive of apoktennw, Aeolic and late form for apokteinw, to kill (also in Mark 12:5 ). John foresees more persecution coming ( Revelation 2:10 ; Revelation 3:10 ).