Revelation 6:15

The princes (oi megistane). Late word from the superlative megisto, in LXX, Josephus, papyri, in N.T. only in Mark 6:21 ; Revelation 6:15 ; Revelation 18:23 , for the grandees, the persecuting proconsuls (Swete). The chief captains (oi ciliarcoi). The commanders of thousands, the military tribunes ( Mark 6:21 ). The rich (oi plousioi). Not merely those in civil and military authority will be terror-stricken, but the self-satisfied and complacent rich ( James 5:4 ). The strong (oi iscuroi). Who usually scoff at fear. See the list in James 13:16 ; James 19:18 . Cf. Luke 21:26 . Every bondman (pa doulo) and freeman (kai eleuqero). The two extremes of society. Hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains (ekrupsan eautou ei ta sphlaia kai ei ta petra twn orewn). Based on Isaiah 2:10 Isaiah 2:18 . First aorist active indicative of kruptw with the reflexive pronoun. For the old word sphlaion see Matthew 21:13 ; Hebrews 11:38 . Orewn is the uncontracted Ionic form (for orwn) of the genitive plural of oro (mountain).