Revelation 6:16

They say (legousin). Vivid dramatic present active indicative, as is natural here. Fall on us (Pesate ep hma). Second aorist (first aorist ending) imperative of piptw, tense of urgency, do it now. And hide us (kai krupsate hma). Same tense of urgency again from kruptw (verb in verse Hebrews 15 ). Both imperatives come in inverted order from Hosea 10:8 with kalupsate (cover) in place of krupsate (hide), quoted by Jesus on the way to the Cross ( Luke 23:30 ) in the order here, but with kalupsate, not krupsate. From the face of him that (apo proswpou tou, etc.). "What sinners dread most is not death, but the revealed Presence of God" (Swete). Cf. Genesis 3:8 . And from the wrath of the Lamb (kai apo th orgh tou arniou). Repetition of "the grave irony" (Swete) of Genesis 5:5 . The Lamb is the Lion again in the terribleness of his wrath. Recall the mourning in Genesis 1:7 . See Matthew 25:41 where Jesus pronounces the woes on the wicked.