Revelation 7:16

They shall hunger no more (ou peinasousin eti). Future tense of peinaw, old verb with late form instead of peinhsousin like Luke 6:25 . It is a free translation of Isaiah 49:10 (not quotation from the LXX). Neither thirst any more (oude dipshsousin eti). Future tense of dipsaw, the two strong human appetites will be gone, a clear refutation of a gross materialistic or sensual conception of the future life. Cf. John 6:35 . Neither shall strike (oude mh pesh). Strong double negative oude mh with second aorist active subjunctive of piptw, to fall. They will no longer be under the rays of the sun as upon earth. Nor any heat (oude pan kauma). Old word from kaiw, to burn, painful and burning heat, in N.T. only here and John 16:9 (picture of the opposite condition). The use of the negative with pan (all) for "not any" is common in N.T. Cf. Psalms 121:6 .