Revelation 7:3

Hurt not (mh adikhshte). Prohibition with mh and the ingressive aorist active subjunctive of adikew, not to begin to hurt. Till we shall have sealed (acri spragiswmen). Temporal clause of indefinite action for the future with acri (sometimes acri ou or acri ou an) and the aorist subjunctive as in Luke 15:8 ; Luke 20:3 Luke 20:5 or the future indicative ( Luke 17:7 ), usually with the notion of ascent (up to) rather than extent like mecri. An (modal) sometimes occurs, but it is not necessary. But there is no futurum exactum idea in the aorist subjunctive, simply "till we seal," not "till we shall have sealed." Upon their foreheads (epi twn metwpwn). From Ezekiel 9:4 . Old word (meta, wp, after the eye, above the eye, the space above or between the eyes), in N.T. only in the Apocalypse ( Ezekiel 7:3 ; Ezekiel 9:4 ; Ezekiel 13:16 ; Ezekiel 14:1 Ezekiel 14:9 ; Ezekiel 17:5 ; Ezekiel 20:4 ; Ezekiel 22:4 ). For "the servants of God" (tou doulou tou qeou) who are to be thus marked linked with angels in the service of God see Revelation 1:1 ; Revelation 2:20 ; Revelation 19:2 Revelation 19:5 ; Revelation 22:3 Revelation 22:6 .