Revelation 8:5

Taketh (eilhpen). Vivid dramatic perfect active indicative of lambanw as in Revelation 5:7 , "has taken." The angel had apparently ]aid aside the censer. Hardly merely the pleonastic use of lambanw ( John 19:23 ). John pictures the scene for us. Filled (egemisen). He drops back to the narrative use of the first aorist active indicative of gemizw. With the fire (ek tou puro), live coals from the altar (cf. Isaiah 6:6 ). Cast (ebalen). Second aorist active indicative of ballw. See Genesis 19:24 (Sodom); Ezekiel 10:2 and Christ's bold metaphor in Luke 12:49 . See this use of ballw also in Revelation 8:7 ; Revelation 12:4 Revelation 12:9 Revelation 12:13 ; Revelation 14:19 . Followed (egenonto). Came to pass naturally after the casting of fire on the earth. Same three elements in Revelation 4:5 , but in different order (lightnings, voices, thunders), lightning naturally preceding thunder as some MSS. have it here. Perhaps pwnai, the voices of the storm (wind, etc.).