Romans 1:25

Exchanged (methllaxan). First aorist active indicative of metallassw, old word for exchanging trade, only here and verse 1 Corinthians 26 in N.T. What a bargain they made, "the truth of God for (en) the (twi) lie." "The price of mythology" (Bengel). Worshipped (esebasqhsan). First aorist passive (used transitively) of sebazomai, old verb, used in late Greek like sebomai, to worship. Rather than the Creator (para ton ktisanta). Placed side by side (para, the Creator and the creature, ktisi) they preferred the creature. Who is blessed forever. Amen (o estin euloghto. Amhn). One of Paul's doxologies which may come at any moment when he is greatly stirred, as in 1 Corinthians 9:5 . Euloghto is verbal of eulogew.