Romans 1:27

Turned (exekauqhsan). First aorist passive indicative, causative aorist, of ekkaiw, old verb, to burn out, to set on fire, to inflame with anger or lust. Here only in N.T. Lust (orexei). Only here in N.T. Unseemliness (aschmosunhn). Old word from aschmon (deformed). In N.T. only here and Revelation 16:15 . Recompense (antimisqian). See on "2Co 6:13" for only other N.T. instance of this late Pauline word, there in good sense, here in bad. Which was due (hn edei). Imperfect active for obligation still on them coming down from the past. This debt will be paid in full (apolambanonte, pay back as in Luke 6:34 , and due as in Luke 23:41 ). Nature will attend to that in their own bodies and souls.