Romans 10:9

If thou shalt confess (ean omologhsh). Third class condition (ean and first aorist active subjunctive of omologew). With thy mouth Jesus as Lord (en twi stomati sou Kurion Ihsoun). This is the reading of nearly all the MSS. But B 71 Clem of Alex. read to rhma en twi stomati sou oti Kurio Ihsou (the word in thy mouth that Jesus is Lord). The idea is the same, the confession of Jesus as Lord as in 1 Corinthians 12:3 ; Philippians 2:11 . No Jew would do this who had not really trusted Christ, for Kurio in the LXX is used of God. No Gentile would do it who had not ceased worshipping the emperor as Kurio. The word Kurio was and is the touchstone of faith. And shalt believe (kai pisteush). Same construction. Faith precedes confession, of course.