Romans 11:15

The casting away of them (h apobolh autwn). Objective genitive (autwn) with apobolh, old word from apoballw, to throw off ( Mark 10:50 ), in N.T. only here and Acts 27:22 . The reconciling of the world (katallagh kosmou). See Romans 5:10 for katallagh (reconciling). It explains verse Romans 11:12 . The receiving (h proslhmpsi). Old word from proslambanw, to take to oneself, only here in N.T. Life from the dead (zwh ek nekrwn). Already the conversion of Jews had become so difficult. It is like a miracle of grace today, though it does happen. Many think that Paul means that the general resurrection and the end will come when the Jews are converted. Possibly so, but it is by no means certain. His language may be merely figurative.