Romans 11:13

To you that are Gentiles (umin toi eqnesin). "To you the Gentiles." He has a serious word to say to them. Inasmuch then (ep oson men oun). Not temporal, quamdiu, "so long as" ( Matthew 9:15 ), but qualitative quatenus "in so far then as" ( Matthew 25:40 ). I glorify my ministry (thn diakonian mou doxazw). As apostle to the Gentiles (eqnwn apostolo, objective genitive). Would that every minister of Christ glorified his ministry. If by any means (ei pw). This use of ei with purpose or aim is a kind of indirect discourse. I may provoke (parazhlwsw). Either future active indicative or first aorist active subjunctive, see same uncertainty in Philippians 3:10 katanthsw, but in Romans 3:11 katalabw after ei is subjunctive. The future indicative is clear in Romans 1:10 and the optative in Acts 27:12 . Doubtful whether future indicative or aorist subjunctive also in swsw (save).