Romans 11:3

They have digged down (kateskapsan). First aorist active indicative of kataskaptw, to dig under or down. Old verb, here only in N.T. (critical text). LXX has kaqeilan "pulled down." Paul has reversed the order of the LXX of 1 Kings 19:10 1 Kings 19:14 1 Kings 19:18 . Altars (qusiasthria). Late word (LXX, Philo, Josephus, N.T. eccl. writers) from qusiazw, to sacrifice. See Acts 17:23 . And I am left alone (kagw upeleipqhn mono). First aorist passive indicative of upoleipw, old word, to leave under or behind, here only in N.T. Elijah's mood was that of utter dejection in his flight from Jezebel. Life (psuchn). It is not possible to draw a clear distinction between psuch (soul) and pneuma (spirit). Psuch is from psucw, to breathe or blow, pneuma from pnew, to blow. Both are used for the personality and for the immortal part of man. Paul is usually dichotomous in his language, but sometimes trichotomous in a popular sense. We cannot hold Paul's terms to our modern psychological distinctions.