Romans 11:2

Whom he foreknew (on proegnw). The same form and sense as in Philippians 8:29 , which see. Probably the Hebrew sense of choice beforehand. The nation of Israel was God's chosen people and so all the individuals in it could not be cast off. Wot ye not? (ouk oidate?). "Know ye not?" Why keep the old English "wot"? Of Elijah (en Eleiai). "In the case of Elijah." Cf. "in the bush" ( Mark 12:26 ). He pleadeth (entugcanei). See on Mark 8:27 . Entugcanw means to happen on one and so to converse with ( Acts 25:24 ), to plead for ( Romans 8:27 Romans 8:34 ), to plead against as here with kata, but the "against" is in kata.