Romans 11:9

David says (Daueid legei). From Psalms 69:23 ; ( Psalms 68:23 LXX); Psalms 34:8 ; Psalms 28:4 (combined quotation). Table (trapeza). For what is on the table, "a feast." A snare (ei pagida). From phgnumi, to make fast, old word for snares for birds and beasts. See on Luke 21:35 . Ei in predicate with ginomai is a translation-Hebraism. A trap (ei qhran). Old word for hunting of wild beasts, then a trap. Only here in N.T. A stumbling-block (ei skandalon). A third word for trap, snare, trap-stick or trigger over which they fall. See on 1 Corinthians 1:23 ; Romans 9:33 . A recompense (ei antapodoma). Late word from double compound verb antapodidwmi, to repay (both anti and apo). Ancient Greeks used antapodosi. In LXX and Didache. In N.T. only here (bad sense) and Luke 14:12 (good sense).