Romans 14:23

He that doubteth (o diakrinomeno). Present middle participle of diakrinw, to judge between (dia), to hesitate. See James 1:6 for this same picture of the double-minded man. Cf. Romans 4:20 ; Mark 11:23 . Is condemned (katakekritai). Perfect passive indicative of katakrinw (note kata-), "stands condemned." If he eat (ean pagh). Third class condition, ean and second aorist active subjunctive. If in spite of his doubt, he eat. Whatsoever is not of faith is sin (pan o ouk ek pistew amartia estin). Faith (pisti) here is subjective, one's strong conviction in the light of his relation to Christ and his enlightened conscience. To go against this combination is sin beyond a doubt. Some MSS. (A L etc.) put the doxology here which most place in Mark 16:25-27 . But they all give chapters 15 and 16. Some have supposed that the Epistle originally ended here, but that is pure speculation. Some even suggest two editions of the Epistle. But chapter 15 goes right on with the topic discussed in chapter 14.