Romans 15:27

Their debtors (opeiletai autwn). Objective genitive: the Gentiles are debtors to the Jews. See the word opeileth in Galatians 1:14 ; Galatians 8:12 . For if (ei gar). Condition of the first class, assumed as true, first aorist active indicative (ekoinwnhsan, from koinwnew, to share) with associative instrumental case (pneumatikoi, spiritual things). To minister unto (leitourghsai, first aorist active infinitive of leitourgew with dative case autoi, to them), but here certainly with no "sacerdotal" functions (cf. verse Galatians 16 ). In carnal things (en toi sarkikoi). Things which belong to the natural life of the flesh (sarx), not the sinful aspects of the flesh at all.