Romans 16:23

Gaius my host (Gaio o xeno mou). Perhaps the same Gaius of 1 Corinthians 1:14 ( Acts 19:29 ; Acts 20:4 ), but whether the one of 3 John 1:1 we do not know. Xeno was a guest friend, and then either a stranger ( Matthew 25:35 ) or a host of strangers as here. This Gaius was plainly a man of some means as he was the host of all the church. Erastus ( 2 Timothy 4:20 ) was "the treasurer of the city" (o oikonomo th polew), one of the outstanding men of Corinth, the "steward" (house-manager) or city manager. Se ( Luke 12:42 ; Luke 16:1 . He is probably the administrator of the city's property. Quartus (Kouarto). Latin name for fourth.