Romans 16:7

Andronicus and Junias (Andronicou kai Iounian). The first is a Greek name found even in the imperial household. The second name can be either masculine or feminine. Kinsmen (suggenei). Probably only fellow-countrymen as in Luke 9:13 . Fellow-prisoners (sunaicmalwtu). Late word and rare (in Lucian). One of Paul's frequent compounds with sun. Literally, fellow captives in war. Perhaps they had shared one of Paul's numerous imprisonments ( 2 Corinthians 11:23 ). In N.T. only here, Philemon 1:23 ; Colossians 4:10 . Of note (epishmoi). Stamped, marked (epi shma). Old word, only here and Matthew 27:16 (bad sense) in N.T. Among the apostles (en toi apostoloi). Naturally this means that they are counted among the apostles in the general sense true of Barnabas, James, the brother of Christ, Silas, and others. But it can mean simply that they were famous in the circle of the apostles in the technical sense. Who have been in Christ before me (oi kai pro emou gegonan en Cristwi). Andronicus and Junias were converted before Paul was. Note gegonan (Koin form by analogy) instead of the usual second perfect active indicative form gegonasin, which some MSS. have. The perfect tense notes that they are still in Christ.