Romans 16:2

Worthily of the saints (axiw twn agiwn). Adverb with the genitive as in Philippians 1:27 because the adjective axio is used with the genitive ( Luke 3:8 ). "Receive her in a way worthy of the saints." This word agio had come to be the accepted term for followers of Christ. Assist her (parasthte). Second aorist (intransitive) active subjunctive of paristhmi, to stand by, with the dative case ("beside her"), the very word used by Paul of the help of Jesus in his trial (paresth, 2 Timothy 4:17 ). Used with ina as prosdexhsqe. In whatsoever matter (en wi pragmati). Incorporation of the antecedent (pragmati) into the relative clause (wi). She may have need of you (an umwn crhzh). Indefinite relative clause with an and the present subjunctive of crhzw with genitive. A succourer (prostati). Old and rare feminine form for the masculine prostath, from proisthmi (prostatew, common, but not in the N.T.), here only in the N.T. and not in the papyri. The word illustrates her work as diakonon and is perhaps suggested here by parasthte, just before. Of mine own self (emou autou). "Of me myself."