Romans 2:22

That abhorrest (o bdelussomeno). Old word to make foul, to stink, to have abhorrence for. In LXX, in N.T. only here and Revelation 21:8 . The very word used by Jesus to express their horror of idols (eidwla, see on Acts 7:41 ; 1 Corinthians 12:2 ). See Matthew 24:15 for "abomination." Dost thou rob temples? (ierosulei?). Old verb from ierosulo ( Acts 19:37 ) and that from ieron, temple, and sulaw, to rob. The town clerk ( Acts 19:37 ) said that these Jews (Paul and his companions) were "not robbers of temples," proof that the charge was sometimes made against Jews, though expressly forbidden the Jews (Josephus, Ant. IV. 8, 10). Paul refers to the crime of robbing idol temples in spite of the defilement of contact with idolatry.