Romans 3:13

Throat (larugx). Old word, larynx. Open sepulchre (tapo anewigmeno). Perfect passive participle of anoigw, "an opened grave." Their mouth (words) like the odour of a newly opened grave. "Some portions of Greek and Roman literature stink like a newly opened grave" (Shedd). They have used deceit (edoliousan). Imperfect (not perfect or aorist as the English implies) active of doliow, only in LXX and here in the N.T. from the common adjective dolio, deceitful ( 2 Corinthians 11:13 ). The regular form would be edolioun. The -osan ending for third plural in imperfect and aorist was once thought to be purely Alexandrian because so common in the LXX, but it is common in the Boeotian and Aeolic dialects and occurs in eicosan in the N.T. ( John 15:22 John 15:24 ). "They smoothed their tongues" in the Hebrew. Poison (io). Old word both for rust ( James 5:3 ) and poison ( James 3:8 ). Of asps (aspidwn). Common word for round bowl, shield, then the Egyptian cobra (a deadly serpent). Often in LXX. Only here in the N.T. The poison of the asp lies in a bag under the lips (ceilh), often in LXX, only here in N.T. Genitive case after gemei (is full).