Romans 3:19

That every mouth may be stopped (ina pan stoma pragh). Purpose clause with ina and second aorist passive subjunctive of prassw, old verb to fence in, to block up. See 2 Corinthians 11:10 . Stopping mouths is a difficult business. See Titus 1:11 where Paul uses epistomizein (to stop up the mouth) for the same idea. Paul seems here to be speaking directly to Jews (toi en twi nomwi), the hardest to convince. With the previous proof on that point he covers the whole ground for he made the case against the Gentiles in Titus 1:18-32 . May be brought under the judgement of God (upodiko genhtai twi qewi). "That all the world (Jew as well as Gentile) may become (genhtai) answerable (upodiko, old forensic word, here only in N.T.) to God (dative case twi qewi)." Every one is "liable to God," in God's court.