Romans 3:24

Being justified (dikaioumenoi). Present passive participle of dikaiow, to set right, repeated action in each case, each being set right. Freely (dwrean). As in Galatians 2:21 . By his grace (th autou cariti). Instrumental case of this wonderful word cari which so richly expresses Paul's idea of salvation as God's free gift. Through the redemption (dia th apolutrwsew). A releasing by ransom (apo, lutrwsi from lutrow and that from lutron, ransom). God did not set men right out of hand with nothing done about men's sins. We have the words of Jesus that he came to give his life a ransom (lutron) for many ( Mark 10:45 ; Matthew 20:28 ). Lutron is common in the papyri as the purchase-money in freeing slaves (Deissmann, Light from the Ancient East, pp. 327f.). That is in Christ Jesus (th en Cristwi Ihsou). There can be no mistake about this redemption. It is like John 3:16 .