Romans 3:26

For the shewing (pro thn endeixin). Repeats point of ei endeixin of Hebrews 25 with pro instead of ei. At this present season (en twi nun kairwi). "In the now crisis," in contrast with "done aforetime." That he might himself be (ei to einai auton). Purpose with ei to and the infinitive einai and the accusative of general reference. Just and the justifier of (dikaion kai dikaiounta). "This is the key phrase which establishes the connexion between the dikaiosunh qeou and the dikaiosunh ek pistew" (Sanday and Headlam). Nowhere has Paul put the problem of God more acutely or profoundly. To pronounce the unrighteous righteous is unjust by itself ( Romans 4:5 ). God's mercy would not allow him to leave man to his fate. God's justice demanded some punishment for sin. The only possible way to save some was the propitiatory offering of Christ and the call for faith on man's part.