Romans 3:4

Let God be found true (ginesqw o qeo alhqh). "Let God continue to be true" (present middle imperative). But every man a liar (pa de anqrwpo pseusth). The contrast in de really means, "though every man be found a liar." Cf. Psalms 116:12 . As it is written (kaqw gegraptai). Psalms 51:6 . That thou mightest be justified (opw an dikaiwqh). Hopw rather than the common ina for purpose and an with the first aorist passive subjunctive of dikaiow. Used of God this verb here has to mean "declared righteous," not "made righteous." Mightest prevail (nikhsei). Future active indicative with opw of nikaw, to win a victory, though B L have nikhsh (first aorist active subjunctive, the usual construction). When thou comest into judgement (en twi krinesqai se). "In the being judged as to thee" (present passive infinitive or, if taken as middle, "in the entering upon trial as to thee"). Common construction in the LXX from the Hebrew infinitive construct.