Romans 4:12

The father of circumcision (patera peritomh). The accusative with ei to einai to be repeated from verse 1 Corinthians 11 . Lightfoot takes it to mean, not "a father of a circumcised progeny," but "a father belonging to circumcision," a less natural interpretation. But who also walk (alla kai toi stoicousin). The use of toi here is hard to explain, for ou monon and alla kai both come after the preceding toi. All the MSS. have it thus. A primitive error in a copyist is suggested by Hort who would omit the second toi. Lightfoot regards it less seriously and would repeat the second toi in the English: "To those who are, I do not say of circumcision only, but also to those who walk." In the steps (toi icnesin). Locative case. See on "2Co 12:18". Stoicew is military term, to walk in file as in Galatians 5:25 ; Philippians 3:16 .