Romans 5:2

We have had (eschkamen). Perfect active indicative of ecw (same verb as ecwmen), still have it. Our access (ten prosagwghn). Old word from prosagw, to bring to, to introduce. Hence "introduction," "approach." Elsewhere in N.T. only Ephesians 2:18 ; Ephesians 3:12 . Wherein we stand (en h esthkamen). Perfect active (intransitive) indicative of isthmi. Grace is here present as a field into which we have been introduced and where we stand and we should enjoy all the privileges of this grace about us. Let us rejoice (kaucwmeqa). "Let us exult." Present middle subjunctive (volitive) because ecwmen is accepted as correct. The exhortation is that we keep on enjoying peace with God and keep on exulting in hope of the glory of God.