Romans 6:6

Our old man (o palaio hmwn anqrwpo). Only in Paul (here, Colossians 3:9 ; Ephesians 4:22 ). Was crucified with him (sunestaurwqh). See on "Ga 2:19" for this boldly picturesque word. This took place not at baptism, but only pictured there. It took place when "we died to sin" (verse Ephesians 1 ). The body of sin (to swma th amartia). "The body of which sin has taken possession" (Sanday and Headlam), the body marked by sin. That so we should no longer be in bondage to sin (tou mhketi douleuein hma th amartiai). Purpose clause with tou and the present active infinitive of douleuw, continue serving sin (as slaves). Adds "slavery" to living in sin (verse Ephesians 2 ).