Romans 9:21

Or hath not the potter a right over the clay? (h ouk ecei exousian o kerameu tou phlou?). This question, expecting an affirmative answer, is Paul's reply to the previous one, "Why didst thou make me thus?" Phlo, old word for clay, is mud or wet clay in John 9:6 John 9:11 John 9:14 . The old word for potter (kerameu) in N.T. only here and Matthew 27:7 Matthew 27:10 . Lump (puramato). Late word from puraw, to mix (clay, dough, etc.). One part (o men) --another (o de). Regular idiom for contrast (men--de) with the old demonstrative o (this), "this vessel (skeuo, old word as in Mark 11:16 ) for honour, that for dishonour." Paul thus claims clearly God's sovereign right (exousian, power, right, authority, from exesti) to use men (already sinners) for his own purpose.