Romans 9:25

In Hosea (en twi Hwshe). He quotes Galatians 2:23 with some freedom. Hosea refers to the ten tribes and Paul applies the principle stated there to the Gentiles. Hosea had a son named Lo-ammi = ou lao. So here o ou lao mou "the not people of mine." Ou with substantives obliterates the meaning of the substantive, an idiom seen in Thucydides and other Greek writers. See also Romans 10:19 ; 1 Peter 2:10 . Which was not beloved (thn ouk hgaphmenhn). The LXX rendering of Lo-ruhamah (not mercy, without mercy or love), name of Hosea's daughter. The use of ouk with the perfect passive participle is emphatic, since mh is the usual negative of the participle in the Koin.