Romans 9:5

Of whom (ex wn). Fourth relative clause and here with ex and the ablative. Christ (o Cristo). The Messiah. As concerning the flesh (to kata sarka). Accusative of general reference, "as to the according to the flesh." Paul limits the descent of Jesus from the Jews to his human side as he did in Acts 1:3 . Who is over all, God blessed for ever (o on epi pantwn qeo euloghto). A clear statement of the deity of Christ following the remark about his humanity. This is the natural and the obvious way of punctuating the sentence. To make a full stop after sarka (or colon) and start a new sentence for the doxology is very abrupt and awkward. See Acts 20:28 ; Titus 2:13 for Paul's use of qeo applied to Jesus Christ.

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