Titus 2:10

Not purloining (mh nospizomenou). Present middle participle of nospizw, old verb (from nospi, apart), in middle to set apart for oneself, to embezzle, in N.T. only here and Acts 5:2 . Fidelity (pistin). See Galatians 5:22 ; 1 Timothy 5:12 for pisti in the sense of faithfulness. Nowhere else in the N.T. do we have agaqh with pisti as here, but an Oxyr. papyrus (iii. 494, 9) has this very phrase (pasan pistin endeiknumenh). Westcott and Hort put agaphn in the margin. See 1 Timothy 3:2 . That they may adorn (ina kosmwsin). Final clause with ina and present active subjunctive. See 1 Timothy 2:9 for kosmew. Paul shows slaves how they may "adorn" the teaching of God.