Exodus 26

Chapter 26

26:1  Moreover thou shalt make the tabernacle with ten curtains of fine twined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet: with cherubims of cunning work shalt thou make them.


fine twined linen Fine linen typifies personal righteousness Revelation 19:8 . The fine linen here typifies the sinless life of Christ.

blue Blue. Christ's heavenly origin; purple, His royalty as David's son; scarlet, His sacrifice.

cherubims (See Scofield "Ezekiel 1:5") .

26:7  And thou shalt make curtains of goats' hair to be a covering upon the tabernacle: eleven curtains shalt thou make.

goats' hair CF. Leviticus 16:5 Leviticus 16:7-10 . The reference seems to be to the result of the ordinance of the two goats as "covering" (See Scofield "Leviticus 16:5") thus speaking of Christ in atonement See Scofield " Genesis 3:21 ". This thought is intensified in the colour of the rams' skins, Exodus 26:14 .

26:15  And thou shalt make boards for the tabernacle of shittim wood standing up.


The typical meaning of the boards is clear as to Christ. Acacia wood, a desert growth, is a fitting symbol of Christ in His humanity as "a root out of dry ground" Isaiah 53:2 . The covering, gold, typifies Deity in manifestation, speaks of His divine glory. As applied to the individual believer the meaning of the boards is less clear. The connection may be found in ; John 17:21 John 17:22 John 17:23 ; Ephesians 1:4 Ephesians 1:6 ; 1 John 4:13 . Only as seen "in Him" could the boards be taken as representing the believer. So viewed the type is beautiful. In the world, and yet separated from it by the silver of redemption ; Galatians 1:4 ; Exodus 30:11-16 ; 38:25-27 as the boards of the tabernacle were separated from the earth by the sockets of silver, and united by the "middle bar" Exodus 26:28 representing both the one life Galatians 2:20 and one Spirit Ephesians 4:3 "all the building, fitly framed together, groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord." Ephesians 2:21 .

26:19  And thou shalt make forty sockets of silver under the twenty boards; two sockets under one board for his two tenons, and two sockets under another board for his two tenons.

sockets of silver

Silver symbolizes redemption. (See Scofield "Exodus 25:1") .

(See Scofield "Exodus 38:27") . All the tabernacle rests upon silver except the hangings of the gate, the way of access. See Scofield " Exodus 27:17 ".

26:26  And thou shalt make bars of shittim wood; five for the boards of the one side of the tabernacle,


i.e. acacia.

26:31  And thou shalt make a vail of blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen of cunning work: with cherubims shall it be made:


The inner veil, type of Christ's human body Matthew 26:26 ; 27:50 ; Hebrews 10:20 . This veil, barring entrance into the holiest, was the most expressive symbol of the truth that "by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified" ; Romans 3:20, ; Hebrews 9:8 . Rent by an unseen hand when Christ Died Matthew 27:51 thus giving instant access to God to all who come by faith in Him, it was the end of all legality; the way to God was open. It is deeply significant that the priests must have patched together again the veil that God had rent, for the temple services went on yet for nearly forty years. That patched veil is Galatianism--the attempt to put saint or sinner back under the law. (Cf) Galatians 1:6-9 Anything but "the grace of Christ" is "another gospel," and under anathema.

26:32  And thou shalt hang it upon four pillars of shittim wood overlaid with gold: their hooks shall be of gold, upon the four sockets of silver.


i.e. acacia.

26:37  And thou shalt make for the hanging five pillars of shittim wood, and overlay them with gold, and their hooks shall be of gold: and thou shalt cast five sockets of brass for them.

shittim i.e. acacia.

brass (See Scofield "Exodus 27:17") .